Half a year ago, during the summer holiday, the future All Stars Rotterdam (ASR) students met each other for the first time. A group of ambitious students came together at the Kralingse Lake to get to know each other before the semester was going to start. Almost no one had experience with case-solving, but everyone was looking forward to rolling up their sleeves and beginning the learning process. 

However, the first week of the semester was completely different from what was expected. Instead of learning about the fundamentals of case-solving, the students went to Outdoor Valley, a wilderness survival camp. During this first week, they began to understand the importance of a cohesive team and why you need it to be successful in solving difficult problems. Throughout the entire week, it became very clear that it was easier said than done to function effectively as a team.  

After the first week of ASR, it was finally time to start with what the students came to do; solving cases. In the weeks that followed, they learned about the basics of case solving, like how to read a case and how to find the problem. Every week the bar was being raised to prepare them for the upcoming competitions. ASR not only taught the students how to solve cases, but they were also going to compete against other Universities from all around the globe in international case competitions.  

After some tough and challenging weeks of solving more and more difficult cases, it was finally time for the first ASR group to compete in an international competition. From that point on, almost every other week, one group of the ASR minor competed in a different competition and not without success! In all competitions, the ASR-teams competed against the best Universities in the world and almost every time, they reached the finals!

All the ASR students understand and appreciate the value that case-solving has brought them and the skills that comes with it. The students strongly believe that case-solving is a great form of education and a good tool to prepare yourself for the professional challenges that you may face in the future. Since we, the ASR students, are learning so much through case-solving, we want to share this amazing experience with all the other students at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. That is why we are organizing the Rotterdam Case Competition! You as a student have the opportunity to participate in an online competition and get a glimpse of what case-solving is all about. Together with a team, you will compete against other teams and solve several cases. Do you think you have what it takes to be the first RCC winner? 

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