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The Rotterdam Case Competition

Are you ready to take on some of the biggest challenges facing businesses and organizations today? As a student at the Rotterdam University, you have the opportunity to compete in the RCC, a case-solving competition organized by the ‘All-Stars Rotterdam’ minor. In this competition, you will have the chance to learn about case solving and apply your knowledge to real-world challenges facing companies in areas such as green energy, globalization, and digitization. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to develop your skills, network with other students and professionals, and make a positive impact on the world. Sign up now for the RCC and be a part of the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Having participated in a case-solving competition will increase your chance of landing a job or internship. Even better, it can also increase your chance of boosting your starter salary. If that isn’t enough reason to apply, check the list out below.

Why  you should participate in the Rotterdam Case Competition

  • Learn to solve cases
  • Enhance your skills in multiple aspects within 1 week
  • Receive a Rotterdam Case Competition Certificate
  • Increase your chance of being accepted to case-solving programs
  • Get in contact with real companies
  • Pump up your CV 

Important Dates

9 January – Case solving bootcamp ( to help you get started )

14 January – Application deadline

16 January – Opening ceremony

16 January – Qualification Case release

23 January – Qualification deadline

26 + 27 January – Competition days

Registration information

Students from all faculties and all areas of study offered by Hogeschool Rotterdam.

  • Teams will consist of 4 or 5 students.
  • In case you don’t have a team, you can always apply as an individual and you will be assigned a team. (You can of course let us know if you have any students you wanna partner up with via rotterdamcasecompetition@info.nl)
  • In case you don’t have a full team, you can always apply as a duo or trio

Powered By

The Rotterdam International Case Academy

The Rotterdam International Case Academy (RICA) is an organization within the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences that goes beyond the ‘ordinary way’ of teaching. By solving cases the students are in the lead and responsible for their own learning process, supported by their coaches. The RICA offers two programs: Agile Consulting – an international Business Pressure Cooker (BPC) and the minor+ All Stars Rotterdam (ASR). Both programs are focused on cracking cases.  

When solving cases you and your team become consultants tasked to solve complex business challenges for a company. Being a good team player during this process is the key to success. The better a team synergizes by utilizing the individual skills of every team member to the benefit of the team, the better the end result will be. 

Agile Consulting – an international Business Pressure Cooker

Agile Consulting is a 3rd-year bachelor program. The program serves as an introduction in case cracking while operating in high-performing, international teams. You will gain interdisciplinary knowledge dispersed over different areas related to business. 

All Stars Rotterdam

The minor+ All-Stars Rotterdam (ASR) is complementary to Agile Consulting (Business Pressure Cooker), although more challenging. Hence this minor+ is the next step for ambitious case crackers. Similar to Agile Consulting, it advances your case solving skills; however, at All-Stars you represent the school by competing at a higher level against other university teams from across the globe. To prepare for these international competitions you will learn: how to solve cases, optimize the process of solving a case and learn about different world trends supporting you to generate innovative solutions. In the end, it’s all about convincing the companies of your solution. Besides that, you will also write a case yourself and learn to put yourself in the manager’s shoes. 

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